Nadjoua Bansil

Bohe: Sons of the Waves (2012)

Film type: SHORT FILM

Sama Palau, commonly known as Badjaos, are sea gypsies living at the Southern parts of the Philippines. As they escape from conflicts and constant abuse from pirates and ordinary folks, they find an island called “Maitam” to settle on. Five boys (Harun, Rasul, Manel, Jamil and Wahab) learn the value of mangroves in keeping their island from sinking due to harsh weather and man-made activities.

Suahili Atsi
Ronny Biay
Manel Alamani
Rosalinda Talisay
Satra Guingona
Hamid Mohammad
Jomari Albin
Jerome Harry Alipio
Mohammed “DJ Medmessiah” Bansil
Carding Alamani
Mihilan Atsi


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