Lauren Faustino

Hailing from the University of the Philippines, she graduated cum laude with a degree on Film and Audio Visual Communication. She has experience as a full time producer and writer for television, and as an independent production designer and production manager for film. She joined the Goethe Institut Documentary Filmmaking Workshop in 2011 and debuted as a filmmaker with Ang Babae sa Likod ng Mambabatok (2012), which documents the life of nigh legendary traditional tattoo artist, Wang Od.

Ang Babae sa Likod ng Mambabatok (2012)


Ang Babae sa Likod ng Mambabatok unravels the multiple layers of the almost mythological figure-living legend, Fang Od, a 92 year old woman who has been called the ‘Last [Traditional] Tattoo Artist of Kalinga.’ The first layer of the story is the one she is most famous for-being a tattoo artist. At her eyes, she continues to exhibit sharpness and precision in the very demanding art and skill of tattooing. The second layer shows her many stories as woman who has reached the age of looking back. She regales us with stories of her many suitors, of her youth, the dancing and the feasts. She also looks back with not just a tinge of regret that she never married nor had children of her own. Her body covered in tattoos is a landscape on its own mirroring the map of a woman who has chosen wittingly or unwittingly a road diverging from convention and in the process became a culture-bearer.


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