What is Pelikulove?

Pelikulove Corp. is an online multi-arts platform established in 2016 that aims to promote Filipino culture through film and the arts and use these to push forward social discourse on interesting, relevant and timely issues – all in an entertaining manner. Or as we like to call it, it’s a platform where he(arts) meet.

It is the digital and post-production arm of Erasto Films, the film production company that produced the widely-acclaimed Cinemalaya film, Boses (2008), a film about an abused boy who finds his voice in music and the romance coming-of-age film, Lakbay2Love (2016), starring Dennis Trillo, Solenn Heussaff and Kit Thompson.

Meet the team

Ellen Ongkeko Marfil

“Love Guru”
CEO and Artistic Director

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. At 22, Ellen left home and devoted her youthful years to PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association) where she found her sense of freedom and nationhood. And through its Broadcast and Film Unit, found her medium as well.

She believes art is as important as food and that film is one of the most powerful mediums that can really make a difference. From being the line producer’s assistant in HIMALA, to becoming the continuity director in SR. STELLA L. and then as an assistant director, supervising producer and director for Star Cinema (ANGELS), to TV writing and directing (MMK, PIRA-PIRASONG PANGARAP, WALANG BAKAS), to becoming a production unit manager for GMA7’s news and public affairs programs (I-Witness, Debate, Unang Hirit). From MAINSTREAM, she would go INDIE and later found ERASTO FILMS – named after her father which means man of peace – where she would direct, produce and distribute her own (MGA PUSANG GALA, BOSES, LAKBAY2LOVE), travelling and garnering awards here and there. And recently, together with millennials, founded PELIKULOVE upon seeing online as the future, the most promising platform to finding one’s voice and reaching out to the world out there.

Ellen is a cum laude graduate of Broadcast Communication at UP Diliman. She didn’t march for graduation then as part of her rebellious streak, but now a mother herself, regrets depriving her parents of that bragging joy, especially realizing motherhood is her best hat among all her other hats – writer, director, producer, realtor, social entrepreneur, spiritual seeker, online explorer, foodie…fooder??? Basta, she loves food…for the body, for the brain, for the heart, for the soul, for the spirit. Her goal: to be a healer.

  advice: You have to fall in love to be able to change anything…for good.

Aimee Bertulfo

“Kween of Hearts”
COO and OJT Supervisor

Aimee is a self-proclaimed ambivert who’s as much a home-buddy as she is a lover of the sea and the great outdoors. A recently knighted paddler. Has a love-hate relationship with her first love: dance. Likes to write 6-word stories, short poems and songs in her spare time or “kapag nagda-drama”. Thinks sadness is one of the greatest poets of all time.

After graduating in college, Aimee became a freelance web content writer for Search Opt Media by day and a street dancer with the UP Street Dance Club by night. Would occasionally travel and once, entered a video contest with her friends for fun which became the winning entry. She landed her first corporate job as a Community Manager/Analyst in Ogilvy & Mather where she stayed for 1.5 years. She then joined Erasto Films in 2015 where she met Direk Ellen Marfil and the rest of the soon-to-be Pelikulove team. She thanks the heavens as this path gave her the creative freedom to try her hand on conceptualization/writing/directing/camera and led to her becoming part of the Pelikulove Board of Directors in 2016. See her latest Pelikulove projects here, here, and here. And some of her earlier works with the team here, here and here. Oh, she also dabbled in events management for a major company event last year.

 advice: There’s no such thing as “true love”. If it isn’t true, it isn’t love.

Vanz Lavado

“Love Adonis”
Technical Director

Vanz is a multimedia artist, a cinematographer, and an editor. He graduated from CIIT – College of Arts major in Multimedia. He’s a visual storyteller and a passionate movie and series watcher. He’s also an avid fan of both local and international independent music. Plus, he’s a true-blue weekend bike rider.

Honing his interest and skill in video-making as early as high school, he became a freelance artist on the side and produced works such as this video which won 2nd place in a contest and this which was used for a fundraiser. He also got to work with big clients such as Smart, BPI, Sanofi, Makati Development Corp., Galleon.ph and CIIT College of Arts. His artistic exploration and training continued when he became a freelance artist for Erasto Films in 2013. Eventually, he joined the team as its in-house artist in 2015. His break came when he was hired as co-DOP and Editor for Erasto Films’ “Lakbay2Love” (2016). Since then, his projects with the team expanded to include producing music videos like Liwanag, Overbike, and Kilig, as well as teasers for Virgin Labfest 12 and Pelikulove’s first project under its Post-Production services.

Vanz joined the Pelikulove Board of Directors in 2016 and is now the company’s Technical Director.

 advice: Love is the power to make people change into a better one.

Kirby Castro

“Loveline Manager”
Online Staff

Keebs hails from the land of sisig, Pampanga. A graduate of Multimedia Technology in a local university, she can get very passionate when talking about indie films and music. She’s a frustrated graphic artist and web designer who also loves drawing and writing. She can always be found in the bookstore or the makeup section when she’s out in the malls.

 advice: “Thigh part ang tunay na kaligayahan”

Gloria Topue

“Keeper of Love Bank”
Executive Assistant

Glo is a graduate of BSBA Management and hails from the province of Ilocos Norte. She likes to have a good laugh and is usually the first one to crack a joke. Her favorite food? VEGETABLES. She’s a sucker for anything green and spicy. Her hobbies include cooking, eating, and singing. She’s a dedicated mother to her four children, especially on weekends. Fun fact: her first acting stint was an extra in Erasto Films’ “Lakbay2Love” (2016).

 advice: Don’t fall in love with someone who says the right things. Fall in love with someone who chooses the right things.

Marketing Team

Roger Macua

“Love Messenger”
Advocacy Distribution Officer-in-Charge

Roger grew up watching Pinoy comedy films and admires comedian/rapper Andrew E. He likes to watch America’s Funniest Home Videos and belt out his favorite singer, Renz Verano’s song, “Remember Me”. He once dreamt of becoming a basketball player but had to stop because of an operation he underwent. He is now a proud father of two and a senior pastor at their local church.

 advice: Kapag mahal mo, inaalagaan mo.

Leonilo Magno

Advocacy Distribution Team Head

Erben Cardiente

Advocacy Distribution Staff

Grace Dela Concepcion

Advocacy Distribution Staff

Gloria Topue

Advocacy Distribution Staff

Office Management Team

Mitch Malubay

Assistant Bookkeeper

Flordeliza Espepe

Resident Cook and Office Manager

Yvonne Vergara

Asst. Cook, Makeup Aficionado and Production Assistant

Anton Claur

Driver, Gaffer Trainee and Messenger