Watch our featured films and play on videos that premiered last September 2022 during the first ever Education-Based Mentorship Festival!

SHOUT OUT FEST: Maghayag at Lumikha 8 writers from the enrollees of the National Artist for Broadcast and Film Ricky Lee and Palanca Hall of Fame Rody Vera!



The Main Fest is for all enrollees of our online writing masterclasses, regardless if they are already working professionals or not.

Interschool Fest

Interschool Fest is open to all enrollees who are still students (undergraduates and below).


Who can join?

All interested participants must be enrolled in at least one of the online writing masterclasses offered by Pelikulove.

A. Ricky Lee’s Trip to Quiapo

B. Rody Vera’s Online Playwriting Course

C. Free Sampler Courses

What are the criteria for the script submission?

The criteria listed shall be followed for your script to be eligible for the SO Pinas 2024.

A. Maximum number of pages is 20 pages.

B. It should be an original work.

C. Can be written in any Filipino Language and/or English.

How many entries can I send?

You can only send up to three entries per writer. Whether to be a script for film (screenwriting) or a theater play (playwriting).

Where can I submit?

For the Submission, you can send it to [email protected]

Subject: Shoutout Pinas 2024_(Film/Theater) Pitch_(Title of Script)

File Name: Shoutout Pinas 2024_(Film/Theater) Pitch_(Title of Script)_(Surname/s, First Name/s)

Email body should include the following:

1. Name of Writers

2. University/Institution Affiliation

3. Pelikulove Courses you have enrolled in

4. Synopsis of your script.

5. Main Fest/Interschool Fest Category

For inquiries on festival incentives & other guidelines

Visit our FAQs

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