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Gusto mo bang magbigay at makatanggap ng feedback sa sinulat mo? If yes, then this is the space for you!

Feel free to submit your exercises and scripts from the Rody Vera Online Playwriting Course here for feedback and critique.

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We also have a few rules for you to abide by to keep this space organized:

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    • For exercises: [Lesson # – Exercise # Type of Output – Your Name]
    • e.g. [Lesson 4 – Ex.1 Monologue – Juan Dela Cruz]

    • For scripts: [Script Draft – Title – Your Name] and please include the following details in your post: Title, Genre, Length of Play, Link (if your work is not attached to the post), and Brief Synopsis
    • e.g. [Script Draft – Ang Pagyurak sa Puso ni Maria – Juan Dela Cruz]

  5. Work Sharing: Privacy and Safety
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  7. Expectations
  8. Reading and giving feedback on the work of others often take up a lot of our time (but help us practice our writing skills, too!), which is why we hope you extend the same courtesy and patience when asking for feedback from the community.