Frequently Asked Questions

About Rody Vera’s Online Playwriting Course (RCVOPC)

13! Plus one bonus lesson that includes the insights of acclaimed theater professionals about the industry. So it’s actually 14!
Unfortunately, no. And no, we don’t do shout-outs. We got some bills to pay as well. But seriously, we hope we get your support in building a sustainable community. Click here to know how else you can do so ♥
The whole course actually costs ₱6800.00 but as our special welcome gift to you, we’re giving it for only ₱2899.00! That gives you one-year access to the course and class interaction, summary downloads, plus three plays-on-video. But if you pay ₱4999, you get access to all of those sweet stuff for 2 whole years! Plus, your script gets listed in the priority lane to be read and commented on by artist-mentor Rody himself or his associates, and a two-year free membership to The Writer’s Bloc Online. On top of that, you get a certificate of completion upon submission of your homework exercises and the script you developed in the course! For more information on this, please check this out.
Of course! We welcome both beginning and experienced writers. Alien or human, so long as you’re open-minded! Check our testimonials here.
What's great about this is that scriptwriting, screenwriting, playwriting and all other forms of writing are under one big family. They're all related so you can make use of the new and different perspectives from our artist-mentor and apply it in your respective field - be it film, TV, radio, online. Besides, Rody Vera himself is an award-winning screenwriter and there are lessons where he associates and differentiates between the two. You can apply this course in various fields, wherever you want. Even in your life!
We live in the age of the internet where time or space isn't that much of an issue anymore. So yes. Yes, you can!
Don't you worry! We prepared English subtitles for you. Although some thoughts or words may be lost in translation, we tried to capture the ideas behind them as best as we can. Don't speak English? Request a translation of the course here.. If there's enough of you, we just might be able to provide the service. We're also preparing to translate the course to Cebuano and other dialects. So stay tuned!
Although there are no graphic scenes of sex or violence here, some may find the discussions more suitable for mature audiences . We believe discussions in the course were done in an honest quest to understand human experiences. So we’ll leave the discerning to your beautiful, critical, non-judgmental minds ♥
Depending on the package you pay for, you may have access to the course for one year or for two years. Check it here.
Of course, you can even keep it. We made it for you ♥
We encourage you to do the exercises artist-mentor Rody prepared so you can apply what you learned from the class. And if you want to get a Certificate of Completion, you will have to submit to us all your completed exercises as proof.
If you don’t mind sharing your work with others, you can post them on the workspace section of the website that’s dedicated for giving and getting feedback among the students. But please be reminded that even with our best effort, we can’t really prevent plagiarism or other acts of intellectual dishonesty from happening, so we really encourage you to find people you can trust in the community. Find your tribe. Read our community interaction guidelines before you proceed.
Yes. As long as you complete the course, finish all the exercises and homework, write your script, and submit all your works to us, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from us. Click here to know more about our packages
You can have the chance to become a member when you complete the course and submit all your exercises, homework, and finished script to us. Know more about the group here.
Congrats! We're so happy for you! Aside from submitting it here for feedback, you can submit your work and check out other opportunities here. You can also form a group with your fellow writers or playwrights, and stage your own play or event! We believe in the power of three to open up venues for yourselves, even find patrons or theater groups or organizations to help you out. Do let us know too, we may be able to help promote at the least. (That's how the Virgin Labfest started 15 years ago. If Rody can do it, you can do it, too!)
Any additional skill in life always helps. What more if it’s in the field of articulation and expression -- which always help in leadership and representation. If you're in the creative field, especially in work that specifically involves writing, or you just want to learn playwriting, this course may help guide you or spark some fresh ideas in you that could help up your game financially. Plays may be published in book form, mounted as stageplays, translated into film scripts, all of which could translate to additional income. Prove yourself a playwright and maybe you could even join the academe. So maximize our site for this purpose! We're not talking about spam or shameless plugs. You can use the comments section, Tambayan forum, and Saluhan workspace to your heart's content to up your game!
We’re working on it!
Stay tuned for updates!
Sure! You can do so here. That’s also for any other comment and/or question you may have.

About Plays-on-Video (POVs)

POV stands for Plays-on-Video. As in plays videographed cinematically. We made three of them: "Indigo Child", "Dalawang Gabi", and "Daddy's Girl". Learn more about it here.
We wish we did! (But we're really happy with how our POVs turned out.) The plays were written by three extraordinary playwrights. Check them here.