Pelikulove Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Pelikulove community!

Pelikulove exists to bring creative minds together and cultivate a creative community that is inclusive, collaborative, progressive, and sustainable.

Through Filipino culture and the arts, our mission is to provide a space for new works and new perspectives where both artist and audience can interact with and learn from each other, and develop their best creative selves with the right tools and the right mentors.

To build a sustainable community, we ask for you to participate in such a way that promotes a respectful, friendly, and warm experience for our community.

Below is a list of our community guidelines, which fall under common sense and universal ethical behavior.

To protect the community, we reserve the right to remove any account at any time for any conduct that we consider inappropriate or harmful. And as the service provider, we also reserve the right to modify or remove the services offered in any portion of our site at any time without notice.

We also encourage you to report any behavior or content that violates these guidelines.

Help us keep the community relevant and fun for everyone by following the guidelines below ♥

Community Interaction

Bots are on the rise! Stay human and act online as how you would offline. Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done to you.

The world is getting more polarized. Engaging in healthy discourse may bring out the best ideas and lead us to the truth.

The ego is fragile. Give criticism constructively. Be specific and share where you’re coming from. Give clear suggestions, if possible.

Dinosaurs go extinct. With technology constantly disrupting old values and old ways of doing things, let’s adapt a “growth mindset”. Persist through the setbacks and learn through experience.

It’s the age of post-truth. Be critical. The information highway is at the tip of your fingers. Take initiative and do research. Knowledge-sharing is key.

Art knows no age. Only humans know limits and bounds. We believe you know what you’re ready for. There are no graphic depictions of sex and violence here, only discussion for mature audiences, for intellectual discovery. We leave it up to your discernment and discretion.

Malicious conduct is for trolls! We have zero-tolerance for malicious, offensive, or obscene content or activity. This includes trolling, personal attacks such as ad hominem, discrimination, insults, and vulgar posts or comments.

The internet can be dark and terrifying. Find your tribe. Look for like-minded people whom you can comfortably share ideas with, give honest feedback to, or even meet up with!

Art is not just a gift. It can save your sanity. It can save the world. If you believe that artists shouldn’t just be hired hands, if you believe that art can be sustainable, let’s pay and support for things we truly believe in. (CLICK HERE)


Enroll in a course. Find new means of expression. Hone what you have. Watch our shows. Be inspired and inspire others. Get engaged and be part of the community. Welcome home!

We strive to provide useful, high-quality content at Pelikulove. To keep the integrity and consistency of the community, please observe the ff:


Content and Quality

Opinion Disclaimer

The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed on this website belong solely to the original authors and other contributors; and do not necessarily represent Pelikulove or its management, employees, volunteers, contributors, and affiliations.

Spam, Scams, and Misleading Content

Bombarding the community or individual users with unwanted messages, promotion of products, or similar content is prohibited. We also forbid the spreading of misleading content or any form of disinformation, fraudulent content, or other harmful and disruptive content that violates the integrity of our users and our services.

Pornography, Nudity, and Other Sexual Content

This is no place for porn. Content with nudity may be shared if it’s for artistic, scientific, or educational purposes. But content with sexually suggestive nudity or any form of sexually explicit content will undoubtedly be removed. Let’s keep it tasteful and clean.

Hateful content

We do not allow any content condoning or promoting bigotry, hatred, racism, or serious attacks against individuals or groups based on factors like religious affiliation, disability, gender, age,race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Violent or graphic content

Violent or graphic content that is historical or newsworthy in nature may be allowed as long as it helps raise awareness. But any content that shows gory content for no reason is prohibited as well as gratuitous violence or content that glorifies it.


Plagiarism, Intellectual Property, and Other Rights


We have zero-tolerance for plagiarism. Please cite your references and sources of inspiration as it is a form of respect to the authors/contributors.

Intellectual Property

Please upload content that’s yours and yours only. If you upload content that’s not yours or share content without permission, you may be infringing another person’s intellectual property rights. And we may have to suspend or remove your account from the site.

Copyright and Trademark

Unless otherwise stated, all content and images used on this website are owned or licensed by Pelikulove Corp. and its affiliates (“Pelikulove”) for use on this site only. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

Content may not be copied, reproduced, transmitted, distributed, or transferred in any form or by any means without Pelikulove’s written consent, and with express attribution to Pelikulove.

Names of Pelikulove services are trademarks of Pelikulove Corp. Nothing contained in this site shall be construed as conferring any license or right under any Pelikulove patent, copyright, or trademark.


Sharing or revealing private information is prohibited. Please do not disclose information that may put you or anyone else at risk.


We do not allow large-scale reproduction, distribution, or display of Pelikulove material. Please do not screen our material publicly without written permission.


Register for only one account. We do not tolerate impersonation, identity theft, or intentional misrepresentation of any connection, affiliation, or association with any person or entity.


To protect the Pelikulove community and the platform, please do abide by the ff:


Safety and Security

Child Safety

We do not allow any predatory behavior or any activity that exploits, sexualizes, or harms minors.

Self-Destructive Behavior

We value life. We do not tolerate any activity that endangers your life, glorifies suicide, encourages substance abuse or self-harm. In these kinds of situations, we may assist users in getting in touch with crisis resources.

Cyberbullying, Harassment, and Other Threats

Cyberbullying is not and will never be okay. And so are other forms of harassment, abuse, or violence. If you are being coerced into doing such actions, kindly report to us so we can enforce the necessary procedures.

Illegal Usage

We created this platform in the spirit of bayanihan, of community and togetherness. Please respect where we’re coming from and use the site for its intended purposes. Do abide by all applicable local, national, and international laws while using our website and services.

If it’s illegal offline, it’s illegal online. We encourage you to report any behavior or content that violates these guidelines.


Maligayang paglilikha!

Pelikulove team